About the project

The “European Senior Citizens’ Actions to Promote Exchange in tourism” (ESCAPE) project brings together 8 partners from 6 different countries who have joined forces with the view to work on the enhancement of the existing tourist infrastructure and staff in the low season, facilitating as such transnational exchanges off-season by concentrating on the senior citizen market, those falling in the 55+ age range. The project covers the geographical areas of Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Italy and Portugal proposing a partnership of eight organizations whose activities and services provided include the field of tourism and senior citizens interests.


The ESCAPE partners propose innovative and sustainable transnational tourism packages for travelers over 55 years old, in order to increase tourism flows in Europe off-season, and promote Europe as a continent of attractive, quality and safe destinations all year round. Around 10 such packages will be developed and pilot tested covering transnational exchanges between Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Italy and Portugal.


  1. Produce a combined and all-inclusive report on the characteristics of the seniors market in the tourism/travel sector.
  2. Based on this report, develop two initiatives:
    • The ESCAPE Charter: This charter is a “promise” that a tourism company/attraction is sensitive to the needs, expectations and demands of 55+ travelers. In essence it is a user friendly list of requirements upon which a tourism company and a historical/cultural attraction must comply with in order to be considered senior-friendly.
    • The ESCAPE Club: this Club is a group of senior-friendly establishments ranging from accommodation providers, to restaurants-cafes-bars, transport companies, as well as cultural and historical attractions.
  3. Develop, assess and offer tourism thematic packages for travelers 55+ during the low season in the five ESCAPE partner countries.
  4. Promote the ESCAPE tourism packages and improve the image of Europe as a continent of attractive, quality, and safe destinations for seniors using the:
    • iESCAPE app: a mobile phone and tablet application, downloadable on AppStore and GooglePlay free-of-charge, whereby both the ESCAPE packages as well as the ESCAPE Club members are promoted and located on the map.
    • ESCAPE Club on-line platform: a platform though which interested tourists of 55+ age are able to identify their ideal ESCAPE destination based on their interests, as well as search for a senior-friendly establishment.

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